Sunday, August 22, 2010

A weekend at Nana and Papa's

All of a sudden it hit us that summer was coming to an end, so the race was on to get in a few last summer adventures. Even though we saw Nana and Papa in Maine, it had been forever since we had visited their house -so it was off to Belchertown. Grahm had a great visit. He and Nana set out to a new spray park in town, and came back raving about all the different sprinklers. Mom and Dad got to visit friends Dan and Amie, and finally met their new daughter Ainsley- she was so tiny and sweet. We hope that Ainsley and Grahm will be friends some day. We crammed several more trips to the playground, a bbq and a bon fire into the much that we hardley had time to take a picture. Dad did get a few early one morning when Grahm insisted on playing outside in his PJ's.

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