Sunday, August 22, 2010


Grahm had one of those perfect summer weekends, and we don't have a picture to prove it. But I want to write about it, so we can remember. For when he's a teenager, and says that we've never taken him anywhere, nor done one fun thing with him, we can pull up the blog and call his bluff. Grahms weekend started out with a trip to Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. He spent all morning climbing the rocks around the winding river, manning the dam, and dodging geysers. After a super-duper afternoon nap, we were off to Grahms first block party. Our friends Erica and Billy invited us out to Long Beach for their annual block party. Grahm loved every second running up and down the street with the pack of neighborhood kids, tossing balls and jumping in the bounce house. Actually, most of Grahm spent most of the party in the bounce house. It was so cute to watch him play with the older kids, mimicking their every move and having such a great time. It was one of those perfect summer nights. Sunday was quieter, and rainy. But the three of us had a nice time piling on the couch to watch movies, and then out to walk Bean in the rain.... which of course then included a run through the playground in the rain. So 14 year old Grahm, we've had some good times!

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