Sunday, February 28, 2010

And more snow!

New York was hit with a snowicane this weekend. A snow storm with hurricaine winds. We got 20", and we are told it was the fourth-largest one-day snowstorm in history. As much as we loved spending most of the weekend in PJ's, playing in the snow and coloring like crazy we are very ready for spring to arrive. pretty please?

Grahm was really into tasting the snow this storm.

A big storm calls for alot of room to color...

Fruit Fly

We must have a fruit fly. All the plums in the fruit bowl have mysterious little bites taken out of them?!

Country Boy

We were back out of the city for another great weekend in the country. This weekend we were up visiting Nana, Papa and Uncle Matt out in Belchertown. I spent alot of time playing out in the snow, shoveling piles and tossing snow balls to Aidan and Bean. Nana gave me a bath, and I got to show her how good I've gotten at splashing. Wait til next time when I show her the cannon ball I'm perfecting.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catskills, take me away...

This weekend marked Valentines Day, followed by President's Day, but what that really translated for us was: LONG WEEKEND! We decided to celebrate up in the Catskills with our friends Dan and Amie. We rented an old farmhouse from the 1800's for the weekend complete with 33 acres to explore. Grahm and Bean couldn't have been happier bundling up to roam, fetch and climb. The house was beautiful with many of the original farmhouse elements included in its recent restoration. Grahm was especially into the stair case that opened up to a catwalk overlooking the kitchen. I think the rest of the gang was most impressed with the views of the Catskill mountains. We did all agree that we could get used to big dinners together followed by a good game.

Grahm enjoying the view out the back windows

Up on the catwalk...

One of the barns on the property

Cupid sent some sweets our way...

Snow Day Pretzels

Another blizzard hit Brooklyn... schools closed, and Momma and Daddy got to stay home from work. We decided to stay warm and cozy inside baking pretzels! Grahm enjoyed mixing, but did not enjoy rolling the sticky dough. Worth the work, they were delish! If you want the recipe from Alton Brown, you can find it here.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Thing

We spent Sunday at the Museum of Natural History, what a great place for a toddler! Grahm ran from diorama to diorama making animal noises of every kind. The place was full of kids doing the same. We will definitely be back for another visit soon.

Table top talent

Dream realized

Once upon a time, when Bean was an only dog, we dreamt about hiring a live in ball thrower to satisfy his constant need to fetch. Although Grahm has some pretty hefty salary demands (you try negotiating with a screamer!), he's doing an excellent job

Sometimes, we find Grahm putting the ball just out of Beans reach....sibling rivalry?

Clean, not green

Thankfully, the exploding marker was washable -so after the nights bath all was back normal. Bath time is the best time to have a conversation with Grahm. Probably because he's stuck in one place for more than a minute. He tells the most elaborate stories -most of which we can't understand just yet - but there's alot of drama, and hand gestures.

Friday, February 5, 2010

It's not easy being green...

...but it sure is fun.

This is one of those classic turned my back for a minute stories. Grahm was sitting coloring so nicely so I ran into the other room for a minute, when I heard him utter "uh-oh". I ran back to find a broken marker and a leprechaun for a son. Too early to pass it off as st. patty's day spirit, we got a few photos and started scrubbing. He's only slightly green now, especially his teeth.

Book Nook

Just in case he couldn't fall asleep right away, Grahm thought he'd keep a book, or 80, on hand.

Friends in high places...

And we're referring to higher ages here. Grahm was invited to Ella's 3rd birthday party at the Childrens Museum. Great birthday party for a great girl. Happy Birthday Ella!