Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat

Grahm ended up with plenty of treats this Halloween. And a new favorite rhyme (trick or treat, smell my feet....) We pre-partied at Charlotte's where we munched on mummy dogs and cupcakes, and then it was off to walk the streets of Fort Greene with our ever growing gang of friends: Jack, Harlowe, Charlotte, Oscar, Sloane and Cooper. They all ran from house to house having the time of their lives.... Grahm's already excited for next year!

Sunday Sauce

We took a trip out to Bayridge today to hit our favorite Italian market so we could make a batch of sauce. It didn't take Grahm long to break the bread out on the ride home. He and Daddy spent the morning making meatballs and sauce with the rest of the day dedicated to stirring and tasting while it simmered away. Dinner was delicious!

Slice of Life

Our Brooklyn boy knows how to enjoy a slice!

Hanging around

We've been out enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Grahm is quite the athlete, and here he shows up a few of his new tricks at the playground-


We spent the afternoon in Dumbo today, taking a spin on the new carousel that opened on the waterfront. Grahm was enchanted by the horses, lights and music. We will definitely be back.

Grahm's baby sister

Grahm is getting very excited for his baby sister to arrive. He tickles mommy's tummy, and comes up with name ideas daily: Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Robin and Wonderwoman all top his list. He helped put up the mobile, and points things out that we should buy for his baby sister. We look at his baby pictures and wonder if his baby sister will also make a mess when she eats, or if she will be as fast when she crawls. It's all incredibly heart melting, and we can only hope that he feels the same way when she is born.

Just testing out the baby carseat!

Batman, the new Buzz Lightyear

And just like that, Buzz seems to be a thing of the past. Without ever having seen a marvel cartoon, Grahm has somehow become well versed in all things super hero. His new posse consist of Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Flash and Aquaman. He wears his batman cape and mask daily, all the while pretending to shoot webs to swing down the hall ways while chanting up, up and away. We love witnessing the mishmash of imagination and fun that is going on...

Grahm and Harlowe