Monday, February 21, 2011

February Fun

For a short month, we sure seem to have had alot of fun this February -and its not even over. Trips to the children's museum, bringing Christmas back through playdough, learning to fly with Grahm lightyear, stories and car chases. Grahm's imagination amazes us more than ever -he is just so much fun to play with these days.

First taste of Spring

It's been a long snowy winter, but we had a little taste of the good weather to come. Brooklyn hit 67 degrees today -what better way to celebrate than with a bike ride and a cone.

Superbowl Huddle

We went to a superbowl party at Grahm's friend Harlowe's house- while the adults were busy watching the game and enjoying some delicious game day treats the kids were off having their own fun -we caught them in this cute huddle in a play tent.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soccer Practice

Today was Grahm's first soccer practice, and did he ever LOVE it! He's signed up to go every Saturday for the next little while- a commitment that will be easy to keep. Coach Miguel really put the kids through the drills, ever so creatively... they 'sprinted' as they found soccer treasure and brought it back to the 'treasure net' and weaved through an obstacle course shooting a ball into the net at the end. Lucky Grahm even has some friends on the team -Harlowe and Alice are playing right along side him. Can't wait to for practice next week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences

Mom and Dad hit a milestone -we went to our first parent/teacher conference. It was awesome. For 20 minutes, we got to hear all about Grahm's other world- how much he likes art, and will always get his hands dirty. His teacher Christie told us he loves to sing, but even more so dance... he's always ready to break out his moves. They tell us he's a natural athlete, and is a leader when it comes to movement. He's got a best friend in the classroom, Benecio. He loves getting chosen to assist with the calendar or weather report, and getting high fives for a job well done. And he's working really hard on sharing :) Yay Grahm.

Here's some art work he's come home with...

Instant Moments

Love some of these moments Dad happen to catch on polaroid...

Car Design

Two of Grahms favorite things collide...


Five Alarm Fun

January has been one cold, snow filled month. To ward of cabin fever, we've been getting very creative -like this day when we spent the morning making and mixing batches of colored water. And yes, such water play requires you be dressed up like a fire fighter.

Too bad they didn't win

but it was still fun watching the Patriots with Daddy...