Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Easter in Massachusetts this year, and had a wonderful time visiting all of the family there.  The Easter bunny found us at Nana and Papa's and left Grahm and Aubrey a big hunt first thing in the morning.  Grahm managed to find all the eggs, and had a fun time opening each one up.  We spent the afternoon at cousin Emily and Andrew's house.  Grahm had a ball going on another hunt, playing soccer with Emily and Jenny, building lego's with Andrew and hanging out.  


Grahm has quite a few songs he likes to share -here's a virtual recital?  Mom says he gets his voice from his father...

Old McHutton

Another wonderful afternoon spent at the Prospect Park Zoo.  These are some of the sweetest pictures of Grahm and his dad, don't you think?

Big Brother

Grahm continues to take his big brother role very seriously...

Every shade of Egg

Getting our eggs ready for any hunts the Easter Bunny might want to surprise us with!

Grahm's Gallery

Some of Grahm's art framed in the kitchen. 

Spring in brooklyn

Never mind the cherry blossoms -spring in Brooklyn means the ice guys and mr. softee are out and about.  We've already had a sample from each this season.

Saturday morning science

Grahm spent a morning playing with food coloring, vinegar and baking soda recently -he enjoyed making fizzy, colorful explosions and feeling like a mad scientist.

Rainbow Pancakes

Grahm -for St. Patricks day your loving mother made you rainbow pancakes because she thought you would think they were the coolest, and that you might think how awesome she was that she could, and would whip you up such a special breakfast.  Well, you didn't eat them and didn't think they were that cool.  Maybe you'll look back later and get it!

lunch date

 Life with 4 year old Grahm can be so suprising - we recently found ourselves at Ikea where Grahm noticed their playroom.  We've always passed it, but none of us giving it much thought... but on this day, Grahm noticed the enormous ball pit and decided he wanted a go at it.  We ventured over, only to learn that the playspace was for kids only -that parents were given a beeper and sent off to shop while the kids played. Oh well, Grahm would never stay by himself... or so I thought.  As I listened ready to dismiss, Grahm was busy pulling his shoes off ready to dive in.  Really?  Yep, he wanted to do it.  He was much braver than I, while he ran off to play, I lurked and spied.  When I "picked him up" later on, he was full of stories about his new friends, and all the things he did.  He told me all about it in detail over lunch in the Ikea cafe.... felt like a real lunch date!

Only at Grandma's

Why does Grahm like Grandma's house so much? Maybe its because in one afternoon he will get take cookie decorating to a new indulgent level, only after burying his aunt in toys. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just call him Picasso

Grahm has always been a dedicated artist, mostly concentrating in the abstract.  He caught us all off guard when he recently started drawing things we could really tell what they were!  All of a sudden his people had eyes, ears, arms and legs -they are awesome!!!

garden grahm

We started our own little window box garden.  We all picked a seed, and now practically have a salad in the making -basil, carrots, peppers and flowers.  Or maybe we'll end up with a caropepflosil!