Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Summer

We made our way out to Grandma's for a little barbecue this weekend. Grandma, Aunt Pat, Uncle Keith and Aunt Amanda hung out with us in the back yard enjoying the beautiful weather. There was even birthday cake, and hats, and even though it was really daddy's birthday we all sang to Grahm. Grahm took this to mean not only was it his birthday, but it was his cake... and he decided to help himself to a nice big bite -before it was sliced. Mmmm.

Fathers Day Fun

We hope Daddy had as good a Father's day as we wanted him to... He's a really good Dad, and so a special day was well deserved. Grahm helped make him breakfast: homemade waffles and bacon, and afterwards, we gave him presents. Grahm framed his handprint so Dad would remember how small he once was. And Mom picked him up a new work shirt, to replace the ones she ruined after drying them with a mysterious green crayon. He seemed happy. Afterward we hit the beach!

Taking a dip in the oceanside pool.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy Daycare

Grahm got to spend most of the weekend with his Dad, cause Momma came down with a bug. From the pictures they took it looks like they had some fun adventures...

Park Paradise

We checked out a new park nearby, pier 6 which is part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park development effort. It's amazing! There are a bunch of different play areas- a swing valley, slide mountain, a sand box paradise, climbing mountain and a wading river... we only checked out the water area and can't wait to go back to try out the rest. There were sprinklers, and dams, pools of water and little rivers... not to mention the mote, water table and fountains.

Playground by the sound

We happend upon a very cute playground by one of our most favorite beaches -This is at Captree State Park, out by Robert Moses. Grahm loved the boat hide-away, and daddy loved the digger.

Synchronized Sliding

This is Grahm's best gal Charlotte, they are a pretty fierce duo. especially on the playground. If synchronized sliding makes 2024 Olympics, these two have the gold hands down.

Hoop Dreams

Grahm has recently become obsessed with basketball. Like, throws a tantrum if we don't have a ball and happen to pass a court kind of obsessed -you can imagine what walking the streets of Brooklyn has been like. Anyway, he's a super duper jumper so maybe the obsession will pay off someday. In the mean time, he's practicing...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Jeff

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday, and so tonight, I was flipping through the baby book his grandma made for him. He was so cute. Still is. Anyway, everyone, I mean even complete strangers on the street stop us to say how much Grahm looks like his father. And I see it, but I also see myself in him. Well, tonight I came across this photo of Jeff when he was the same age Grahm is now. They could be twins. It's unbelievable. Grahm even makes that same little squintey eyed smiley face all the time -not that I can find one picture of it. Boy, are these two cute.

Happy Birthday Jeff, we love you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beside the Seaside

This was a true summer weekend, hot and sticky. The forecast predicted chance of storms, but we took the risk and hit the beach. And lucky us, we enjoyed an empty beach on a perfectly sunny day.

We hit target afterward where Grahm was trying on 4th of July attire.

Happy Birthday Alice!

Alice and Grahm were due on the same day, but they ended up being born 2 whole weeks apart. They've been friends ever since, and today we got to help her celebrate her 2nd birthday. We gathered in the park for a pool party, and Grahm couldn't have had a better time. He splished and splashed, rolled in the dirt followed by cupcakes. Can it get any better? These images are from Cleo's dad (thanks!), cause I forgot my camera!