Sunday, August 22, 2010


Grahm had one of those perfect summer weekends, and we don't have a picture to prove it. But I want to write about it, so we can remember. For when he's a teenager, and says that we've never taken him anywhere, nor done one fun thing with him, we can pull up the blog and call his bluff. Grahms weekend started out with a trip to Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. He spent all morning climbing the rocks around the winding river, manning the dam, and dodging geysers. After a super-duper afternoon nap, we were off to Grahms first block party. Our friends Erica and Billy invited us out to Long Beach for their annual block party. Grahm loved every second running up and down the street with the pack of neighborhood kids, tossing balls and jumping in the bounce house. Actually, most of Grahm spent most of the party in the bounce house. It was so cute to watch him play with the older kids, mimicking their every move and having such a great time. It was one of those perfect summer nights. Sunday was quieter, and rainy. But the three of us had a nice time piling on the couch to watch movies, and then out to walk Bean in the rain.... which of course then included a run through the playground in the rain. So 14 year old Grahm, we've had some good times!

Summer Special with Grandma

Grahm had been looking forward to spending some time with Grandma this summer, and their special days together were worth the wait. The beach by Grandma opened up a new water park called Shipwreck Cove, and it was first on our list to do.... what a great park! It's at Bayshore Marina, right on the bay. Grahm had a great time dragging Grandma through all the sprinklers, down the slide and up the pirate ship nets. Afterward we took a dip in the bay, and sat on the pier to feed the fish. Other highlights of our trip were jumping in the bounces houses at bounce u, afternoon ice cream on Islip Beach and evenings in the yard drinking from the hose. Why does summer have to end?

A weekend at Nana and Papa's

All of a sudden it hit us that summer was coming to an end, so the race was on to get in a few last summer adventures. Even though we saw Nana and Papa in Maine, it had been forever since we had visited their house -so it was off to Belchertown. Grahm had a great visit. He and Nana set out to a new spray park in town, and came back raving about all the different sprinklers. Mom and Dad got to visit friends Dan and Amie, and finally met their new daughter Ainsley- she was so tiny and sweet. We hope that Ainsley and Grahm will be friends some day. We crammed several more trips to the playground, a bbq and a bon fire into the much that we hardley had time to take a picture. Dad did get a few early one morning when Grahm insisted on playing outside in his PJ's.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Field Trip

Last week Grahm, Charlotte, Harlow and their nannies took a trip to the transit museum. They saw all kind of trains and buses, even got to climb aboard. They took turns being the conductor and took advantage of the long empty cars. Grahm had a great time, and loved showing Mom and Dad the pictures they took of their adventure. This week, they are off to the zoo...can't wait to hear all about it.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tree Hugger

While visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Grahm spotted the perfect nook in a big old willow tree. Looks pretty comfy!