Monday, December 20, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Grahm is feeling pretty good about Christmas this year... not only has he been being a pretty good boy, but he got to tell Santa so first hand. We went out to Old Westbury Gardens all decorated in its holiday finest, where Grahm got to share his wish list with the big guy. Conveniently, and not surprisingly, he was wearing a buzz lightyear shirt so he even got to point out one of his most coveted wishes. He jumped right up on Santa's lap, filled him in and gave him a hug good bye. He's feeling pretty good about getting that buzz.

Sugar and Spice

It was freezing cold in Brooklyn this weekend, no better time to bake up a batch of sugar cookies. Grahm is an excellent decorator, covering every surface of the cookie with sprinkles. Mmmm.

The Elf is back...

One of Santa's helpers showed up right after Thanksgiving and has made himself at home in our apartment. Every morning we wake up and set out to find his new hiding spot. We've been trying to be really well behaved, knowing that he's watching for Santa. So far so good...

Caterpillar Class Photo

Grahm and his Caterpillar classmates took a class photo -we're pretty impressed that someone managed to get these 2 and 3 year olds to look in the same direction!. We've already had so much fun looking at it together while Grahm tells us about each friend.

Spreading Christmas Cheer

One of the traditions we look forward to each year is sending out holiday cards. With Dad and his picture taking abilities, Mama with her clever wit, and ever posing adorable Grahm and Bean we've got the perfect card making team. We've put together some pretty polished ones over the years... though looking through the out takes from this year, its really a wonder that it comes together at all!

Thought we'd share a little behind the scenes cheer in the making:

Bean looking thrilled

Our models work for turkey pepperoni.

Candy canes and no concept- bad idea

Bean prefers pepperoni, but he'll give the peppermint a try

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beginning to look alot like Christmas...

I suspect this went something like "Don't take the candy cane off the tree..." How will it play out?

Tis the season!

Friday, December 3, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving, and few days before, and after, visiting Nana and Papa. Grahm had plenty of fun including a trip to the Holyoke children's museum, a visit to Northampton, rolling some leftover halloween pumpkins down the hill, lots of coloring and of course jumping on Papa. Grandma Bourque once again pulled off dinner for 30, delicious. Of it all, some of the most fun was just sitting around chatting after dinner. Grahm has plenty to be thankful for.

To the fire house we go...

Grahm and his classmates are learning about their community. They've been to the bakery, post office, grocery store, pizza place and finally, the fire house. They walked to the b26 and took it down to the Dean street station where they learned to stop, drop and roll. And then they got to sit in the truck. Just ask Grahm, its his FAVORITE thing to tell you about these days, over, and over, and over.