Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucky Number 3

Grahm was lucky enough to have one last birthday celebration, this time with the Massachusetts crew. The weather was perfect for a bbq on the deck, followed by cake and ice cream. Nana held Grahm during happy birthday, and mommy got to see his face light up as we sang his name. Grahm is not one for sweets, and decided his ice cream scoop would be far better as a baseball. He's got a pretty decent pitch. A great night!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sand Chairs need foot rests

Finally had a weekend worthy of the beach, so we made our way over to Fort Tilden to catch some rays. We've began to think Grahm might be a beach boy. Between digging holes, rolling in the sand, splashing and shell searching we are pretty certain that this was his best day ever.

1 again!

Grahm celebrated his turning 1 with the Long Island clan. It was a perfect day to be outside, enjoying all the new toys from Grandma! She had to get Grahm the little tykes car, as she got Uncle Keith the same one a very long time ago... Grahm seems to love it just as much as he did.

I Scream

for Ice Cream! Enjoying my first cone from Mr. Softee at Brooklyn Bridge Park.