Sunday, November 1, 2009

Park with Auntie Amanda

Aunt Amanda helped us get rid of any residual sugar highs by running around Heckshire Park with us! Thanks Auntie A!

Halloween 2009

Another spooktacular Halloween! Things started out the same as last Halloween -house party at Cleo's, where we handed out candy to what had to be most of Brooklyn. We enjoyed tricks and treats, and lots of running around outside. Then came our attempt at annual tradition: the group picture. Which is when we realized just how different things were from last Halloween- last year most of this gang could barely sit up, and this year none of the gang could sit still. We did our best to get them together, but the video of the roundup captures the spirit much more!

Legend of Sleepy Fort Greene?

Fort Greene Park hosted an afternoon of Halloween fun -hayrides, costume parade, dog costume contest.... just as we decided where to start, we look down to find a snoozing Grahm! When he finally woke up, he shared snacks with a new friend (Ruby the cat) and took a romp in the leaves. Fun is fun!

No more baby curls

Grahm got his first real haircut! And although he screamed, kicked, cried and lunged the whole way through, the pros at Lulu's managed to give him a super cute new do! He looks like such a big boy now....


He knows something is about to go down....


Blue and Gold

Fall fun in Fort Greene Park...