Monday, January 9, 2012

Somethings fishy

We spent a fun day at the aquarium- and dad caught some great shots of Grahm. Grahm couldn't get enough of the sharks, and we all enjoyed the sea lion show. Hope to have many more days like this!

Sweet New Year

Grahm celebrated New Years Day very sweetly... first it was with a black and white cookie while on a piggy back ride from dad. Then later, it was sipping hot cocoa with friends (reflecting on 2011?). Here's to a continued sweet new year!

More Traditions

We made our way up to Nana and Papa's the day after Christmas, where Santa made yet another stop! Grahm spent the week keeping Nana and Papa busy making music, playing super hero's and racing cars. He proudly introduced his sister Aubrey to all of our Massachusetts family who were just getting to meet her -they seemed to think she was as sweet as we do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

This was Grahm's first holiday season with true anticipation of Christmas. Each day we'd open up an door on the advent calendar and count how many days were left until Santa arrived. Grahm would still ask each night if Santa were coming that night. So when Christmas eve finally rolled around, we were ready! Grandma, Aunt Pat, Uncle Keith and Aunt Amanda came over to help us celebrate -we ate a delicious dinner cooked by dad and opened up one present which as we already knew were Christmas pajamas! Christmas morning was everything Grahm hoped it would be -he was on the good list this year, and as a result there were tons of presents under the tree! And many of them were super hero related. We spent the rest of the day at Grandma's, where Santa left even more presents for Grahm and Aubrey -lucky kids.


Grahm has taken a real interest in music. He's always liked to jam with his dad, but now he is taking a music class at school that is helping him explore the interest more. He recently came home singing the scale -do, re, mi, fa... and has mom and dad singing lowwww and hiiiiigh as he finds the notes on the guitar. Here's a video of him using a music book to play a new song.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday Party

Our building had a holiday party, even Santa showed up! One of our neighbors (Grahm's bff Jack's mom!) got some great images of us at it -even though Mom and Dad look a little tired.

Mother's Helper

Grahm has been such a help when it comes to taking care of his baby, as he lovingly calls his sister. When Aubrey needs a new diaper, he's right there alongside Mom or Dad, ready to assist. He and his red motorcycle are ready to fetch whatever you might need, and fast. He's also ready to make silly faces, or sing twinkle twinkle on the spot in the event Aubrey cries. He is one of the few who can get her paci to stay in. He kisses her, and talks to her, and introduces her proudly to all of our neighbors.

A big brother, finally!

Aubrey Jean has finally arrived, and no-one was happier to meet her than her big brother. For such a rough and tumble, tough, brookyn boy, Grahm sure has a soft side for babies. Or atleast Aubrey. As soon as he saw her, he plopped right down beside her to ooh and ahh over her little toes, and teeney ears, and fuzzy head. He giggled when she stuck her tongue out, and knew just how to get her paci back in when it fell. He wanted to hold her, and when he did he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was a really special moment, especially for their mom who was worried about this very meeting for a long time.

All I want for Christmas

We stuck with our annual tradition of visiting Santa over at Westbury Gardens. It's always such a nice visit, and this year was no different. Grahm has been very concerned he'd wind up on the naughty list, so he was happy to be able to reassure Santa that he was indeed a good boy this year. And once once that was all straighened out, he reminded Santa of all the super hero's on his list -green lantern, aquaman, wonder woman, stretch...