Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Constuction paper Crown

 Grahm celebrated turning 4 with a crown, cupcakes and the crickets. 

What a super birthday

Our little Grahm cracker is turning 4.  He's grown into such a smart, funny, gregarious dude!  Superhero's dominate Grahm's mind these days, so there was only one way to celebrate this year -by throwing a SUPER birthday party!!!  Grahm put a call out to all his friends come to hero headquarters for an afternoon of super training.  All the kids designed new super costumes, honed their bad guy finding skills, practiced saving the earth from falling astroids, and of course tested their strength by breaking open a pinata!  We even sent spiderman an invitation and he actually showed up.  
Like we said, it was super.  Happy 4 Grahm!

Grahm and Harlowe

Momma's Boy

Every mother's Day I feel so lucky to be Grahm's mom... he's such a sweet, thoughtful, hilarious boy.  We spent this mother's day with Grandma.  We gardened with her, and then went for a picnic lunch on the beach.  Uncle Keith and Aunt Amanda were super fun to play with, making sand castles and scaling walls. 

Pizza Party

We made pizza with Charlotte and Cooper today -it turned out delish, naturally.  We love that Charlotte and Grahm are growing up together -G was only 5 months old when they started playing together, and they are still the best of friends.  It's unbelievable that Cooper is already old enough to get in on the action.... can't wait for little Aubrey to join the fun!

School Pictures, 2012

Grahm's school pictures certainly are a lot cooler than his parents ever were -he styled himself in his superhero pirate best, and pulled a few special moves for the camera.  Can a 3.5 year old be considered a hipster?  He loved being part of the cricket classroom -but with wonderful friends, and amazing teachers who wouldn't?! 

Chalk it up

Grahm and Hilda get creative in the playground.

You spin me right round baby...

Playdough playdate

 Living in an apartment building can be fun, especially on rainy days.  Grahm has lots of friends in the building, and on this very wet day, Jack came upstairs to make play dough and dress up. 

Flower Power

We visited the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see their beautiful cherry blossom trees in bloom, Grahm clearly thought they made the perfect prop for a picture.  We stopped for a long visit at the coy pond, where a very big fish swam over to say hello!

Mommy Grahm Day

Grahm and Mom spent a special day together -our adventure led us to the build a bear store where Grahm made a new special friend we named spo.  Grahm even picked out a special spiderman outfit for him.  We went to the park and shared a soft pretzel, visited Mom's work, had pizza back in Brooklyn and ended our day at the playground with Charlotte.