Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy with Harlowe

Today was our neighborhood fall festival -hayrides, pumpkin relays, dog costume contest... pretty fun stuff. Most people were dressed up in their Halloween costumes, but not Grahm. It's too bad, he makes a very cute Buzz Lightyear. We still had fun, especially because we went with Grahm's friend Harlowe -the ballerina. They had a blast running around, especially throwing leaves at each other. Hopefully we'll get to see that buzz costume tomorrow!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday Drivers

We hit the road to find some beautiful fall foliage to enjoy. We ended up in Sleepy Hollow, at Rockefeller State Park where we weren't disappointed. We took a slow hike around the lake, finding many ways to enjoy the lovely leaves: crunching them, jumping in, wearing as hats... that one turned out to be Grahm's favorite. Ah, we love the fall.

Pumpkin pizzazz

We just spent a fun afternoon with Grandma and Aunt Amanda getting ready for Halloween, and couldn't be more prepared. We carved our pumpkins, after much deliberation on their personalities, and then lit them for full effect. They are twinkling and smiling on our windowsill. We roasted the pumpkin seeds while we watched great pumpkin charlie brown, and then shared a candy apple for dessert. Couldn't have been a better fall afternoon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unbe'leaf'able Weekend

We spent a wonderful weekend with Nana and Papa in MA. The leaves were just about peak color, and it was chilly enough for sweatshirts...we were overcome with fall spirit which will always lead to one thing: leaf pile jumping. Nana and Papa's big tree filled backyard made for just the right conditions, lots and lots of leaves. Grahm proved to be an excellent leafer- burying both Mom and Papa completely. Aiden felt left out, so he buried himself. We also hit a nearby farm for cider donuts, apples and an awesome hayride. It took us all around the orchard, and then to the top of a big hill for a gorgeous view of the Quabbin reservoir and its surrounding mountains. We're ready for more!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

O is for Outside and October

We are so quick to head out of the city on the weekends, that we've forgotten how fun it can be to just parade around town. We spent Sunday roaming Central Park. Grahm couldn't get enough of the horse and carriages, that is until we hit the lake full of remote controlled boats. Toddler boy heaven. We romped through the ramble, made wishes in Bethesda fountain and did a little rock climbing. All the fun followed by a soft pretzel made for a perfect city afternoon.


If Grahm ever asks you for his daddy pants, it means he wants his jeans. Does anyone else think that's the cutest thing ever?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Apple Dumplings

Fall feels like it has arrived. This weekend was cool and crisp -perfect apple picking weather. So off we went to Stuarts Farm upstate with Grahm's friend Charlotte. Grahm and Charlotte had a great time pulling apples from the trees, and tasting each one before they put it in our take home bag. Quality Assurance. Good thing the moms were on hand to do some sneaky switcharooing. Running through the orchard, and all their hard work picking made for a very quiet ride home.