Friday, September 23, 2011

The missing season

It seems that we missed an entire season of blogging! We had a wonderful summer, and somehow are only getting around to sharing its highlights... we mastered putting our entire face under water while swimming, found a new love of pirate culture, learned our family of 3 would become 4 this fall -oh and Grahm's hair grew back! We took lots of pictures, and have had fun going back through them all -take a look below at our 20 summer entries!

First Day of School

The first day of school has arrived, and Grahm was ready. Ready an hour early actually. We had to stall him he wanted to go so badly. He picked out an awesome robot shirt and paired it with his spiderman sneakers (both picked out on a spree with Nana) and was ready to head to his new classroom. This year Grahm will be a cricket. Here's to a wonderful year, and continued enthusiasm!

skater boy

Grahm borrowed a neighbors skateboard at the park, and after 15 minutes was already better than both his parents. We are impressed, and petrified and should probably go buy some dental insurance.


Jeff and Grahm seem to be part fish for sure...

Cape Cod

We had one last hurrah together on Cape Cod. We had a week of perfect beach weather, ice cream, trampolines, seafood, seal watching, frisbee, barbecues, seashell hunts. It was like an entire summer of fun squished into one perfect week.

Sprinkler park spactacular

Another scorcher well spent -at Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Tigers like bananas

Grahm came home from camp one day with his face painted like a tiger.... there have been many face painting request since, here's one that was created with good old finger paint!

Beat the Heat

Keeping Cool right on our street...

Brooklyn Beach Boy

Fun at Jacob Riis...

Eastham with Nana and Papa

The pictures speak for themselves, what a wonderful time.

Daddy Day

When one parent gets to spend a special day with Grahm, we call it a Mommy Day, or Daddy Day..... On this special Daddy-Grahm day, they spent the day together at the Manhattan Children's museum, which had a very special exhibit going on: Curious George!

Party like a Pirate

Our matey Cleo celebrated her birthday by the sea. All of her pirate friends got together for sword fights, tattoos, treasure hunts and jolly roger cupcakes. It was funny to see what the kids went for in the treasure box -Grahm had fist fulls of chocolate coins, while Cleo went for the water pistols. One little girl walked away with bracelets up to her elbows. They all seemed to have a great time!