Monday, August 31, 2009

Best feeling in the world

Starting to feel like fall

It felt like fall today, fitting as tomorrow is September 1. We met daddy in Fort Greene park after work for a nice walk together.

Happy Birthday Grandma

We weathered huracaine Daniel to help Grandma celebrate her birthday. Actually, there couldn't have been a better way to spend a rainy day- we played balloon volleyball, built and knocked down castles, made a big dinner and sang happy birthday. We hope Grandma had a great birthday, because we had a great time! Happy Birthday!

Penny for your thoughts....


Grahm has a lovie... Uncle Matt got 'baby' for Grahm for Christmas, and he's been loving it ever since. He carries it around when he gets tired, and hugs it all night long.

bangs be gone

Everything on Grahm is growing in warp speed these days, including his hair. And while we aren't ready to part with the little curls that are touching his collar, or the little wings that seem to be sprouting over his ears, we thought we could at least give his bangs a trim. Daddy was the barber, and Momma did her best to play the distractor. Several dances, lots of pleading and several kitchen tools later (proved to offer alot more distraction than mom doing another jig), they are trimmed. Far from a straight cut, but you'd never know it with a good comb over.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Grahm loves shoes. In fact, it is one of the few words he says. shoes. shoes. It's pretty cute to hear him say, even if its over and over. He likes to wear his shoes, and alot of the time, its the only thing he's wearing.

These cute all stars were gifts from Dan and Amie. They were given to Grahm before he was even born, and Dan said that yes, they were huge (size 6!) but he wanted Grahm to be running around when he was finally able to wear them. Well Dan, they fit, and he's running. Man, that went fast!

I am pretty sure he is saying "shoes" in this photo, note the lip pucker....

Catching Waves

or not... Grahm takes a dip with Daddy while the water is unusually calm.

July at Jacob Riis

Those hot, hazy days of summer have finally found their way to Brooklyn -yes, it's sticky. We've been trying to keep cool the best way we know how: at the beach! Here are some shots of our last few weekends, digging holes and catching that cool sea breeze.

Grahm has the life, catching the mom shuttle between car and waterside...