Monday, March 28, 2011

Marching through March

Another whole month gone by with out a blog update- life with Grahm seems to get busier and busier, it's hard find time to share all his feats. Looking through all the photo's we snapped in March, its no wonder we couldn't find a moment -our month was filled with soccer practice, scootering, haircuts and play dates. We even found time to hit the beach, and a concert. Here are some tidbits from Grahm's adventures this month...

An afternoon trip to Jacob Riis. Nothing beats an empty beach.

Grahm art directed this shot, maybe its the beret he made and is wearing?!

idolizing cousin Andrew and his verrrry cool toys.

Dinner to celebrate Grandpa Bourques birthday!

Park with Benicio, Grahm's best dude friend. Crazy how different boy play is!

First concert, a co-op school fundraiser.

Like the new do?

Listening to coach at practice.