Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Growing into a daddy

Recently, while inspecting his arm hairs, Grahm says "Mom look how much hair I have -I'm growing into a daddy!".  He's the cutest. 


Overheard between Jack and Grahm-
Grahm: Do you have a sister yet? 
Jack: No, I have to get one of those
Grahm: Yeah, tell your mom to put a baby in her tummy

Monday, February 20, 2012


We started a blog for Aubrey, where lots of Grahm tid bits end up.... like this one-  -they are pretty cute together.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Grahm and his valentines

Grahm appears to be quite the ladies man, probably because of his moves....

melt my heart

We turned all our broken crayons into awesome valentines -we put all the pieces into heart shaped muffin pans, melted them down and wah-la, new rainbow crayons! (


Grahm got a new do, and it is cute!  Too bad he hasn't let us spike it since then...

Grahm is a ham

We heard Grahm singing from the living room, and thought we'd just get a funny video of a singing lump in the bed.... not our ham- he saw the camera and turned it on!

Grahm and Aubrey

An spontaneous Sunday morning shoot...

somethings different?

Just watching Saturday morning cartoons...

Present Pizazz

We had to find a way to distract ourselves before Ella's awesome birthday party at Chucky Cheese.... so we made her wrapping paper! 


The one and only snow storm of 2012.... and it was only 3 inches!  Atleast we had fun in it!

Best Buds

Broadway Bound

Caught Grahm during one of his shows for Aubrey.... he's got talent!

Music Man

Grahm wanted to sing the theme song to Little Einstein, but didn't know the he pulled out Dad's guitar book to look them up. Adorableness.