Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Well Isaac

Our good friend Isaac has been on our mind for the past couple of weeks, he is very sick and in the hospital. He is receiving excellent care but can still use all the positive energy, prayers and encouraging thoughts you can spare. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts. You can check for updates here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hardboiled happiness

For a cold weekend, we spent it doing very spring like things. We dyed easter eggs this afternoon which was more fun than Dad and Mom remembered. Grahm's facial expression was priceless each time he pulled his colored egg from the dye. Magic. We ended up with mostly green eggs, maybe we will have to have green eggs and ham one night.

Eggcellent Afternoon

Grahm and Ansel hit Fort Greene Park for an Easter egg hunt. We weren't sure if they'd get it, but they were both natural hunters and ended up with baskets full. They had so much fun that they were looking for eggs long after the hunt was over. Grahm will be an old pro the time the Easter bunny hits on next Sunday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A little bubbly?

We spent the day visiting with Grandma, Aunt Amanda and Uncle Keith. It was another day full of sunshine and we enjoyed it by blowing bubbles and playing hopscotch together. Aunt Amanda is an excellent bubble blower, while Grandma can play a mean game of hopscotch. Grahm is lucky such talent runs in the family.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Slice of Brooklyn

To enjoy the great weather just a little longer today, we decided to go out to dinner -someplace with outside seating. We settled on L and B Spumoni Gardens out in Bensonhurst -a legendary pizza spot. They are known for their Sicilian pizza, so that's what we ordered. Grahm approved, and gobbled down a slice only after he sprinkled it with parmasean cheese. and then sprinkled it some more. Next time we'll leave room to enjoy some spumoni after our pizza!

Spring has sprung

Today is the official first day of spring, and it actually felt like it! Temperatures hit 75 and we spent the whole day outside enjoying the sun! We spent a good portion of the day walking around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens sniffing magnolia blossoms, spotting crocuses and running through the esplanade. We can get used to days like this.

Daddy's Helper

Grahm is really into balloons, so there always seems to be something floating in our living room. With the onset warmer weather (hurrah!) one of his balloons got stuck in the ceilling fan. Daddy was there to save the day, but not without help from Grahm who dragged a chair right alongside daddy's while he set the balloon free. It was pretty cute.

Rain Rain Go Away

We had a whole weekend of rain here in Brooklyn. They said it if had been snow, we would have had 40 " -the bright side. Another bright spot in an otherwise wash out of a weekend was our playdate with Charlotte. G and C spent the morning coloring, playing and watching yo gabba gabba. Thank goodness for good friends with fancy rain boots!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Creative Canvas

Grahm and Cleo broke out the paints on Saturday. It wasn't long before the paper was shoved aside for a much more delicate canvas. Cleo was the first to paint her belly button, and it didn't take Grahm long to join in the fun. After much giggling, the masterpieces were complete and it was off to the tub for Grahms first shared bath. They had even more fun in the tub, soaking both moms with their cannon ball jumps. What a creative bunch.

Monday, March 1, 2010

His own beat

Grahm and Bean, updated

The snow storm also gave us time to catch up on a much needed photo update for Grahm and Bean. Their size relationship continues to amaze us, but also their relationship. We asked Grahm to give Bean a hug for the photo and he promptly climbed onto his back for a full on bear hug. Bean was more than happy for the squeeze.