Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day memories

It's was a sunny, perfect, three day weekend....

Buzz, not lightyear

Mom got a call from Dad on her way home from work -He said "your going to kill me".... then a shuffling sound, and a little voice gets on..."my hair is not right"


I arrived home to find a fuzzy haired little Grahm, who despite the phone call was pretty pleased with his new do, compliments of his Dad. I was pretty shocked, but after a few minutes (and some serious reminding from dad that hair does grow back) I was coming around. I couldn't believe the two of them pulled it off -it's a little short, but even. He looks kind of cute even. Not to say this should ever happen again.

When asked what prompted the sheering, I was told Grahm looked really hot. I usually turn to popsicles.


G's Moves

How old are you: Big Boy

That was Grahm's sweet answer when asked how old he was on his birthday. My heart melted when I heard him say it, almost as much as it did when looking at his newborn pictures taken 3 years before. Our Grahm is 3, wow.

We learned from last year's failed attempt at a house party, and decided to have the shindig at the coop school -room for a bounce house AND a pinata, need we say more. The kids had a great time running around, bouncing with balloons, hitting the pinata jackpot and feasting on green alien cupcakes. Happy Birthday Grahm!

red tounge green toungue

Grahm and Harlowe after eating italian ice.

Almost 3

We implemented some 'price is right' wisdom when choosing when to have Grahm's in school birthday celebration, and chose the Friday before the real deal -closest without going over. Mom decided to make ice cream cone cupcakes, which was an awesome idea until it came to getting them to school -they did survive the trip, a little messier. The party was after nap time, and Grahm felt pretty special as the kids talked about their excitement all day. Grahm wore a blue construction paper crown, while all the caterpillars sang to him- pretty cool way to kick off the birthday weekend.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We drove out early this morning for breakfast at Grandma's followed by fun. We spent the gorgeous day in the backyard playing in the sandbox, watering the garden but best of all, bouncing in the bouncer. Everyone got it on the fun, and boy, was it fun!

Let's go fly a kite...

We spent the day at Jacob Riis flying kites -perfect day for it, what fun!

Spring has Sprung

The weather has been gorgeous, and we've been outside enjoying it! Here are some pictures from a morning at Brooklyn Bridge Park.