Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pop goes the weasel

Despite the 'keep away from children' warning, Grahm and Ansel had a blast dancing on sheets of bubble wrap stolen from the recycling pile. Pop.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

All aboard!

We made it to the Bronx Botanical Gardens on the very last day of the holiday train show... and its a good thing we did, Grahm loved it! Actually we've never seen him so excited before! The theme was old New York, and the displays were all made out of green matter which made the intricate details especially impressive. The trains snaked in and out of the gardens, over bridges and through massive tree trunks. Grahm could hardly keep up choo-chooing with each passing train. We met up with our friends Christy, Mike and Ella afterward and rehashed the wonders over pirates booty. Choo choo!

Museum madness

Hoorah for the Brooklyn Children's museum! We spent another fine Saturday here seeking refuge from the freezing 15 degrees outside. Grahm hung out enviornmental exhibit area this time, enamoured by the turtles, pretending to garden and searching for river rocks. We love this place.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grahms got talent

Grahm looks like he may have inherited some of his parents creativity.... he can sit and fill an entire pad with drawings -we need a bigger fridge to display them all!

Blizzard of '09

Brooklyn only topped off at about 8 inches of snow, just enough for a day of sledding! We pulled Grahm down to Fort Greene park and hit the hills with most of the neighborhood. Then home for hot cocoa of course...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Had ourselves a merry little Christmas...

Santa found us in Massachusetes this year, leaving Grahm quite a bundle under the tree. Guess he made the 'nice' list after all. A rocking chair, trains, lego's, play food and more.... We weren't sure Grahm would get Christmas this year, but judging by how early he got up, he must have known something good was going to happen that morning. He had fun opening up all his presents, and more fun in the days that followed trying each one out.

Daddy found a new Christmas Carol for the mix this year...we thought we'd play it along with some of the holiday's highlights...

I guess maybe Santa wasn't sure exactly where Grahm was going to be this year, because he left another sleigh full of toys at Grandma's house. Grahm's face was priceless as he saw his new club house. It even has a doorbell! We're going to make sure we make it onto the nice list again next year!

Merry Christmas!

This was our card this year.... very inspired by true events!