Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Vacation, 2012

I hope our family vacations are always this great. We traded a week of scorching Brooklyn 100 degree awfulness for a perfectly balanced sunny/breezy week on Cape Cod.  Despite shark sightings (not by us, but for real!), we spent most of our week in the water.  Grahm even wore arm floats this year, and swam all by himself.  Aubrey absolutely loves the water, dipping her toes and splashing away.  We all loved exploring the bay side of the cape this year -warm calm water, and so many sea treasures -we found fiddler and hermit crabs, muscles, crazy sea weed and bucket fulls of smooth rocks and sea shells.  Evenings on the Cape were equally exciting -we went go carting (highlight!), jumped on the trampolines, had cones at several ice cream parlors (Aubrey too!) and even took in a Chatham Anglers game.  Our big city kids got to take in a small town July 4th parade curbside. We also had a ball just cooking out, playing base ball and fetch in the yard with Bean.  On the way back to Brooklyn, we all decided that one day we would live by the beach. Yes!

We just fail miserably at getting family pictures -here's our one and only from our vacation.

This was the first year Grahm preferred to meet and hang out with other kids on the beach rather than his parents.  Grahm met this boy David, and they dug a giant hole together, which made them instant kings of the beach.

Cannons shooting off at the Chatham 4th of July parade!

The sea air made for good naps.

Solar prints!

Our swimmer

Beach Babes

Grahm and Aubrey spent the day at Jacob Riis with Charlotte and Cooper! Surf's up!

Cookout at Calder's

Our friend, and fellow cricket Calder had us over for a cookout... we attempted a group shot using the self timer, with so so results.  Great time, with a great group of friends.

Father's Day Fun

This was a very special father's day for Dad, as this is the first year he was the father of 2 kids!  We drove up to Cape Cod to spend this very special weekend with the Bourque clan.  And special it was -we swam, built sand castles, played volleyball, ate delicious food and hung out.  We hope Dad had a great time, cause he deserved it.

I spy cuteness