Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Fun

We took a Sunday drive to Stuarts farm for some apple picking.  Grahm was like a monkey, climbing the trees for the best apples.  It was a good thing, since the trees had been picked over already.  Despite we came home with plenty of apples and spent the car ride back to Brooklyn coming up with ideas of what to do with them -apple sauce, apple pie, apple muffins and apple cake.... we better get cooking!

Soccer Season

The soccer season has started!  This year, we are outside and getting a little competitive. 

Big Wheelin'


First day of school, 2012.  Grahm picked out his own outfit, a muscle shirt to impress the new teachers!  His new lunchbox features super hero's- of course.  This year he will be a bumblebee, in the elementary building of the Co-op School.  The emotions of the morning are very much captured accurately in these pictures...

Brooklyn Boys

Grahm with some of his Brooklyn Boys (Dylan, Elias and Calder) at Simon's birthday party.  What's better than playing on a giant heap of dirt on a late summer evening? 

Pratt Playground

I wonder what Grahm will think of his childhood when he looks back years from now?  Will he think he missed out by not living in a house with a backyard?  I hope he will realize this is something his Mom and Dad talk about all the time -worrying they are making the right decision raising Grahm and Aubrey as city kids.  For now atleast, Grahm and Aubrey couldn't seem happier with their surroundings.  On this Sunday, but like most, a quick trip to the bagel store (for the world's best bagels...) became a party when we ran into our friends at the playground right across from our building. 

showing off his new airbrush mermaid tattoo from the aquarium

Coney Island Cuties

Grahm spent the day with Jack, who's Mom is a photographer -talk about a playdate perk!  She captured the wonderful day these two friends spend together at Coney Island.  Lucky Kids.


Cape Cod, take 2

We got to spend the last week of summer in our favorite summer place- Cape Cod.  The week was full of sand castles, ice cream cones, dips in the pool and mini golf.  We enjoyed swinging on the beach at night, feeling the crisp fall air creep in.  We also had our first campfire together. We visited all of our favorite beaches -first encounter, nauset, ridgevale and west dennis and enjoyed a super bonus -our cottage had a heated pool!  Grahm became quite the swimmer this summer, jumping in and out of the water, paddling all about, so it was very exciting to have our own pool to practice in. Our good friends the Osols were also on Cape Cod this week and it was so much fun to spend time with them -we spent the afternoon bowling (a first for Grahm -loved it, and good too!), and the afternoon swimming.  The summer of 2012 was a good one.

 Grahm enjoying low tide at first encounter beach.

Boat and seal watching at the Chatham piers

Swinging the evening away at West Dennis beach was so much fun!

Not to mention West Dennis had the best sea treasures.

Our pool was AWESOME!

Grahm loves the snack bar at Ridgevale.  The view is pretty stellar.

Aubrey liked the snack bar too!


Grahm wears his bowling shoes well. 

Charlotte and Grahm

Cooper and Aubrey

Dad and Grahm flew around the go-cart track

Ice cream time!

Bean take in some sun at the cottage

These two sure can dig!