Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Must've been good!

Grahm sure has a lot of playing to do! Thanks Santa, and all the elves that made his first Christmas so special!


judychrz said...

That haul must have given Santa's reindeer quite a workout! I don't think Emmett got quite so much (which suits me just fine, the clutter gets to me sometimes!). I hope he has lots of fun with it all :) Happy New Year to you guys!

Grahm Hutton said...

Despite all that loot, Grahm would take a kitchen spoon over it all! Happy New Year to you all too -we HAVE to get these boys together in 09!

Jamie said...

Looks like Grahm had a wonderful Christmas. Be honest now, who has more fun playing with all those cute toys, Grahm or you? I love playing with Maddy's toys, but of couse I'm teaching her how to play with them, LOL. Have a great New Year!