Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Christmas

Grahm's first Christmas was filled with family, love and presents! The celebration kicked off with the traditional sprinkling of Reindeer food on Christmas eve. Rudolph found his way to Grandma's house, and left plenty of packages under the tree. Never mind what was inside, Grahm was thrilled with all the paper!

We got to visit with Great Grandpa, and the rest of the Kelly gang and then it was off to Nana and Papa's for some more cheer. Can it get any better?


Zoë said...

Can Grahm actually pull himself up already? Cleo is just now STARTING to sit up on her own, for a few minutes at a time. Amazing how different these babies are! Love the photos; thanks for sharing.

Grahm Hutton said...

Grahm is a bit of anomaly -he sat up before he slept through the night (still never has, oy!), and now he is pulling up to stand before crawling. Can't wait to see you and Cleo soon!