Wednesday, April 11, 2012

lunch date

 Life with 4 year old Grahm can be so suprising - we recently found ourselves at Ikea where Grahm noticed their playroom.  We've always passed it, but none of us giving it much thought... but on this day, Grahm noticed the enormous ball pit and decided he wanted a go at it.  We ventured over, only to learn that the playspace was for kids only -that parents were given a beeper and sent off to shop while the kids played. Oh well, Grahm would never stay by himself... or so I thought.  As I listened ready to dismiss, Grahm was busy pulling his shoes off ready to dive in.  Really?  Yep, he wanted to do it.  He was much braver than I, while he ran off to play, I lurked and spied.  When I "picked him up" later on, he was full of stories about his new friends, and all the things he did.  He told me all about it in detail over lunch in the Ikea cafe.... felt like a real lunch date!

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