Sunday, October 9, 2011


3 years old has been a really fun age to hang with Grahm. Today Grandma and Aunt Amanda took him out to a pumpkin farm Aunt Amanda picked out-Finks Farm... it was more than your ordinary farm, with many creative farm activities to try. And where as a year ago I don't know if Grahm would have really gotten into much beyond a hayride, this year Grahm tried every one! Grahm got to go ride a horse -which he loved. He shot corn and pumpkins from a cannon -an instant favorite, of course. They cheered on pigs at a pig race. He went for a ride on a tractor train, and then jumped, rolled, and dug in a house full of dried corn -a corn crib! We also fed some farm animals, lasso'd a bull, ran a hay maze and ate some roasted corn. We had so much fun, we were just about too pooped to pick out our pumpkin.

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