Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy for the Hippity Hoppity

Nearing 3, Grahm understands the holidays with their various traditions, especially those where there are presents involved. He still asks about Santa weekly. He was quick to point out that spring was here, which meant the Easter Bunny was going to be stopping by -right?

Our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt set the anticipation early, as well as our first trip to the movies to see HOP. We dyed eggs and were ready. The bunny finally made his way over and Grahm was delighted to find out he hid eggs EVERYWHERE! Many of the eggs were filled with candy, which at 6a.m. is even harder to resist than usual. EB also left a t-ball set -the perfect way to work off a morning sugar high. Needless to say, Grahm had a wonderful Easter!

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