Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buzz saves the first day of preschool

Today was Grahms first day of school. We've been talking, worrying, planning and prepping for this day for a long time. There was alot of anxiety on all of our part, and I am happy to inform you all that we all survived.

We survived not because of all the prepping: the books, pep talks, and school themed movies we've endured all summer long.

And it wasn't because of all the very thought out protein packed breakfast, nor his much debated on first day outfit (that one didn't get worn, G opted instead to wear his red sox shirt (omg, really, cause you know all the teachers are going to be die hard yankee fans))

No, despite all of those efforts, we arrived at school and Grahm informed us that he'd be waiting for us outside. and then he started crying.

But I told you we did survive. We did because Grahm's teacher, Miss Christy, knew Grahm needed a familiar face and pulled out a buzz lightyear action figure. That was it. That's what stopped the hysterics mid scream. He stopped crying, looked around the room at all the other awesome stuff that was going on and was off to explore.

And so that's it. Grahm is now officially a preschooler, going three days a week. He came home with stories and excitement that we haven't seen before...and so we are very excited to start this new chapter. Of course, we have to get through drop off tomorrow morning again. Hope buzz is there waiting.

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