Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Nearly two years old, this is the first holiday where Grahm really seemed to get the concept of the holiday. With a little hinting from Mom, Grahm spied his first hidden Easter egg through the window and there was no holding him back. He knew there was more, and he was quickly off to find them. He shreiked each time he did. When he saw his baskets he oohed and ahhed, the easter bunny clearly packs a good basket.

After a breakfast feast, we were off to the Bourques to celebrate with the rest of the family. It was warm and sunny so we spent the whole day outside chatting, chalking, blowing bubbles and running across the grass. Grahm never stopped going. As I watched him, I remembered my own childhood spent with my cousins running around outside, laughing without a care. And its what I always hoped for my own children.

Happy Easter!

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