Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 'November is a thing of the past' post

We can't believe November came and went... it was a busy month chock full of visitors, half birthdays, spring-like weekends, fall leaf piles, laughing and of course: turkey! Here are the highlights in photo:

This is just a silly picture, from when Grahm realized that the toilet paper would just keep going and going if you pulled it.... he made it from the bathroom through the living room and around the kitchen before if finally snagged on something and tore free.

November brought some spring like weekends -including this one when we bundled up to walk Jaccob Riis Beach, and quickly took our jackets off. Jacob Riis is even more beautiful when its empty... you had your pick of sea shells, though Grahm preferred the golf balls he found washed ashore.

He was pretty proud of his golf ball find...

Bath time continues to be the time where we get the most hysterics out of Grahm...

Spring like one day, and cool and crisp the next.... We spent a fun afternoon at Fort Greene Park jumping in leaf piles.

Grahm had his first friend sleep over! Issac flew out for his east coast debut, and we couldn't wait to finally meet him. He was as cute in person, and Grahm thought so too... he spent alot of time tickling his toes, and just generally being very attentive to him. It was very cute to see Grahm as the big boy, and being so gentle. We expect these boys will be super pen pals one day!

We were on Long Island for Thanksgiving year and Grandma had her hands full with 18 for dinner! It was extra special as Grahm finally got to meet his cousins who drove from Michigan to be there! Grahm had so much fun with them, especially at the park where Hayden and Grace gave him a dozen rides on the bouncy, and were there to catch him each time he went head first down the slide. He can't wait to see them again!

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