Thursday, August 13, 2009


Grahm loves shoes. In fact, it is one of the few words he says. shoes. shoes. It's pretty cute to hear him say, even if its over and over. He likes to wear his shoes, and alot of the time, its the only thing he's wearing.

These cute all stars were gifts from Dan and Amie. They were given to Grahm before he was even born, and Dan said that yes, they were huge (size 6!) but he wanted Grahm to be running around when he was finally able to wear them. Well Dan, they fit, and he's running. Man, that went fast!

I am pretty sure he is saying "shoes" in this photo, note the lip pucker....

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Judy said...

E likes to grab our shoes and carry them around, and he was doing some pretty funny marching in his own shoes this weekend! Loving shoes must be some sort of milestone :)

Can't wait to see Grahm again, are you going to be up for Labor Day weekend?